WhatsApp allows to join group calls from chat tab


يسمح WhatsApp بالانضمام إلى مكالمات المجموعة من علامة تبويب الدردشة

WhatsApp allows to join group calls from chat tab

WhatsApp two months ago introduced the possibility to join group calls that have already started. It is a functionality that is already available to more than two billion users of the instant messaging app worldwide and has now been enhanced with a new advertisement.

The company has confirmed that it is improving the feature experience because, from now on, users will be able to join an ongoing conference call more easily. They can do so from the same group chat tab, as WhatsApp noted in this tweet on its official Twitter account, confirming the novelty's launch:

When there is a possibility to join a group call taking place in a group chat, the notification that will appear from now on will display the name of the group instead of the names of the participants in the call.

People who are part of the group can easily join the call from the chat tab. In addition, from now on, the call will be displayed in the chat list, so that people can see which groups have ongoing calls by simply opening WhatsApp. This way they will know at a glance which conference calls are going on at that moment and they will only have to go to that chat to be able to join the call if they wish to do so with the press of a button.

On the other hand, WhatsApp has announced another novelty, a softer ringtone in conference calls, so that the experience is similar to sending and receiving messages.

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