What is a sitemap and how is it submitted to Google?


What is a sitemap and how is it submitted to Google?

A sitemap, as its name suggests, is a map of a website that contains information that indicates the correct path that a crawler (spiders that search engines use to analyze different pages of a website) should follow to crawl the site and start indexing in any search engine.

Sitemaps organize information about different website URLs, images, categories and tags to facilitate "crawlers", eg GoogleBot (Google's crawler bot) to sort and understand the information that will appear on the Search Results Page (SERP) when the user performs a search. Although these bots can do the job themselves, location maps simplify the process.

How do you submit a sitemap to Google?

There are several ways to submit a sitemap to Google. The first is through Google Search Console. This is also a simple way to do it, so it is only necessary to access the tool and click on the "Sitemaps" report, which appears in the right bar.

Then, just type the last part of the sitemap URL into the text box, as shown in the following image.

Finally, we press the Submit button until Google receives a notification that it can review the sitemap. This process will take some time, and once reviewed, your new Sitemap will appear in the "Submitted Sitemaps" section, along with its status. If it displays true, then there are no errors, otherwise a notification will appear and it will be necessary to repair the sitemap.

Another way to submit a sitemap to Google is to add it to the robots.txt file for the crawlers to find and review the address, thus starting to crawl and index the content.

Finally, there is a way to send it using a ping browser. From the browser's search bar, simply send a GET request to the address "https://www.google.com/ping?" , indicating the full URL of the sitemap.

In this case, it is a somewhat more complex system and requires certain knowledge, in addition to creating a website map in advance and hosting it on the server.

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