What is the Google MUM algorithm?


What is the Google MUM algorithm?

Google has announced that it will introduce the MUM (Multi-tasking Unified Model) algorithm in searches, which means that the Google Search Results Page (SERP) will have to adapt, as this new algorithm will offer new ways to discover and explore content for some searches.

Over the next few months, Google will introduce this new design, which will be aimed at guiding the user towards a new way of doing searches, more intuitive with a redesigned experience to make searches more visible. This is because the Google MUM algorithm not only allows you to search content in different languages, but also to use images to find answers to complex questions.

How will Google MUM searches change?

With the existing search engine, users perform searches by asking questions to the search engine. However, with the introduction of MUM, it will be possible to explore more complex tasks.

Google has identified three main characteristics that will change with the introduction of this new algorithm: 'Things to Know', Exploration by Topics, and Visual Exploration.

The "Things to Know" feature allows Google to understand all the ways in which users explore a topic. For example, if a user searches for “acrylic paint” on Google, they will know that there are more than 350 different topics related to that keyword. This new functionality allows Google to determine the "paths" most users take to explore this topic and will return the content most related to those paths, in addition to the user's usual searches.

This way, instead of users doing follow-up searches based on a primary keyword, Google anticipates those searches and shows relevant content and topics.

The second feature, Topic Browse, will allow users to search for content on a topic, expand their knowledge or explore a variety of related subtopics.

Finally, visual exploration that will allow you to explore a topic from the images. This functionality will be limited to searches where the user searches for inspiration such as "Christmas decorating ideas" or "Indoor gardening ideas".

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