What is the 'Domain Authority' and how does it affect SEO


What is the 'Domain Authority' and how does it affect SEO

The domain authority (Domain Authority, in English) is the relevance that a domain or a web page has with respect to the rest of domains or web pages in the world. In short, we could say that it is the "popularity" of a web page compared to the rest.

Generally, this factor is determined by the number of external links or referring domains that point to the web page. That is, the more links a web page receives, the more domain authority it will accumulate and, therefore, the better it will rank in Google.

So is it an SEO factor? Actually, this is a question that many people ask themselves, even many SEO professionals, since domain authority is not an SEO factor created by Google, but a metric created by the MOZ company, which is measured between 0 and 100.

The Domain Authority became popular and many tools, such as SEMrush or Ahrefs, included this metric among their functionalities, although adapting them to their brands. To clear up the confusion, MOZ itself said that domain authority is not Google's SEO ranking factor and that it has no effect on SERPs.

Domain authority for Google

Beyond the metric created by Moz, there is a concept of Domain Authority that is important for Google, since it gives more authority to certain domains that it perceives as trustworthy and experts. In this case, authority is not only gained by inbound links, but by posting quality content on a regular basis.

This explains why any news published by The New York Times is positioned much better and faster than the same news published in a personal blog or a small newspaper. Simply, The New York Times is a proven publication, whose readers have trusted its content for years, so Google understands that its domain has a lot of authority and, therefore, is better positioned.

So does the concept of domain authority really affect SEO? In this case, unlike the metric created by Moz, the "authority" of a page, understood as the reliability that it may have for Google, does affect how its content is positioned.

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