Watch the Tottenham and Manchester United match broadcast live

Watch the Tottenham and Manchester United match broadcast live
 today 10-30-2021 English Premier League

Watching the Manchester United match, broadcast live, it seems that the English Premier League fans are on a date with a heavy-caliber match that brings together the two teams, Manchester United and Tottenham, which will be held at 10:30 Mecca time, in the matches of the fifteenth round of the English Premier League, which is hosted by Old Trafford Stadium.

Mourinho returns to Old Trafford again

Manchester United's clash with Tottenham will witness the return of Portuguese veteran Jose Mourinho

The new Tottenham coach has arrived at Old Trafford for the first time after he was sacked by Manchester United a few weeks before the end of last season due to poor performance and poor results.

Solskjaer sends a message to Jose Mourinho

Norwegian coach Ole Solskjaer, coach of Manchester United, sent a message to Jose Mourinho, the former coach of the Red Devils and current Tottenham, and Solskjaer confirmed that the Portuguese coach

He will be welcome in the "Old Trafford" commentator, especially as he carries good memories with Manchester United and was able to crown the team with the English Cup title.

Solskjaer threatens Mourinho and talks about his dismissal

The Norwegian coach of Manchester United confirmed that a team is playing today's match with the aim of winning and collecting the three points, especially since the match is being held at his stadium and among his fans, and Solskjaer explained that his goal is always to achieve victories with Manchester United and the club's return to its normal position and hinted that he is not afraid of dismissal From his position in the event of any negative result against Tottenham in today's meeting.

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