Watch the Roma and Napoli match broadcast live

Watch the Roma and Napoli match broadcast live
 10/24-2021 in the Italian League

Napoli is a heavy guest against its counterpart AC Roma, in the top of the ninth round of the Italian League in the current season 2021/2022 at the “Olympico” stadium in the Italian capital, Rome.

The Napoli team played 8 matches in the Italian league this season, where it managed to win all those matches, while the Italian Wolves club played 8 matches as well, winning five and receiving three defeats so far.

The Napoli team enters that match as it occupies first place in the table of the Italian Serie A championship 2021/2022 with 24 points with the full mark, while on the other hand, the Roma team occupies fourth place with 15 points, and both teams are looking to win this match.

It is scheduled to start the activities of the fiery match, between the Roma match team and its counterpart Napoli, in the ninth round of Calcio, on the evening of Sunday, October 24, 2021, at 6:00 pm Cairo time, and at 7:00 pm local time. Mecca, at 8:00 pm Abu Dhabi time.

While the activities of the upcoming match between Rome and Naples at the top of the Italian League matches will be transmitted through the following channels screen:

Lega Serie A YouTube

DAZN 1HD Italy

Sports commentator Khaled Al-Ghoul will perform the commentary and audio description of the upcoming meeting between Rome and Naples.

In a historical context, Rome and Naples have faced each other in 148 matches. Wolves won 52 matches, while Napoli won 46 matches, and the tie between them in 50 matches. The Gallerusi scored 190 goals against Naples, while they conceded 172 goals.

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