Watch Preston North vs Liverpool live stream

Watch Preston North vs Liverpool live stream

Watching Preston North End vs Liverpool live stream, having racked up consecutive away victories at Watford, Atletico Madrid and then Manchester United over an eight-day period, the Reds are likely to change the squad's formation on their trip to Dipdel.

"I think it's important: If you want to be good in the first game of the season, the ninth game of the season and the 38th game of the season, two things are important," assistant coach Pep Linders said.

“The first thing is continuity — continuity in our thoughts, and therefore the way we want to play, the way we want to play it, the way we want to show our mentality. This continuity is really important. What we do every day to prepare for what is to come.”

“The second thing is to use the team because we know we need to be ready and we need to surprise the guests, we need creativity. We know that fatigue stops that.”

“If you want a team that shows hunger, that shows the will to impose its style in its proper place, to be dominant and control the game in that way, it is important to use the team.”

“The most important thing is continuity, to be good in the first game and the last game. We want this stability. The second is to use the team at the right moments.”

James Milner will be ruled out until the international break in November after suffering a hamstring problem at Old Trafford last weekend, while Naby Keita is recovering from the injury that forced him out in the same match.

Fabinho (knee injury) is targeting a return to the next match, at home against Brighton in the Premier League, and Thiago Alcantara is not yet ready to return.

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