Watch the match between Lebanon and Iran live

Watch the match between Lebanon and Iran live
 broadcast Asian U23 qualifiers

The match between the Olympic team of Lebanon and the Iranian team in the Asian Cup U-23 qualifiers today, Thursday, October 28, where the two teams meet at the Pamir Stadium as part of the second round of Group B matches in the group stage of the Asian Championship.


Watch the Lebanon vs Iran match broadcast live

The Lebanese national team will meet with the Iranian Olympic team this evening at Pamir Stadium in the second round of the Asian Cup U-23 qualifiers in the first leg of the second group, and we follow the meeting on our website.

The referee's whistle will sound at 1 pm local time in Egypt, corresponding to 2 pm local time in Saudi Arabia

The Iranian team beat Nepal with four goals in the first round, while the Lebanese team lost to Tajikistan by one goal without a response.

The channels that broadcast the Asian Cup qualifiers

You can enjoy watching the match between Iran and Nepal in the qualifiers for the U-23 Asian Cup.

It's 11:00 a.m. GMT

At 01:00 pm local time in Egypt

The time is 02:00 pm in Saudi Arabia

At 03:00 pm local time in the Emirates

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