This will be Facebook's new virtual reality device

The founder and president of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, was responsible for showing the first images of the new virtual reality device with which the social network wants to launch what it calls the metaverse, a virtual immersion environment that will represent a new vision/internet, an environment in which Facebook has long been working and can Seeing it in part thanks to his Oculus hardware.

In fact, this prototype bears a strong resemblance to current Oculus devices, although in this case Zuckerberg himself has referred to the increased visual quality, speaking of a term familiar in Apple's private label: "retinal resolution," a reference to the similarity with the ability of One's visual perception.

No further information was disclosed about the nature, capabilities and functions of these virtual reality devices, as well as their capabilities. It is also not known if what was shown in the images Zuckerberg published were just prototypes of a non-functional design, and of course there is no estimate of when devices could become accessible to the general public.

In addition to its Oculus VR hardware division, Facebook has also made a strong commitment to augmented reality, with devices like the recently introduced Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses, while continuing to develop various prototypes of VR hardware.

In fact, Andrew Bosworth, chief technology officer of Facebook, also posted photos in which he is testing a different prototype than the one shown by Zuckerberg, while explaining that the development process of the social network's "metaverse" is working in different directions and with different possible devices in order to find the most suitable technology to achieve that.

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