Watch the Paris Saint-Germain and Leipzig match broadcast live

Watch the Paris Saint-Germain and Leipzig match broadcast live
 today 19-10-2021 in the Champions League

Watching the Paris Saint-Germain and Leipzig match, broadcast live, in the match that takes place at the Parc des Princes at nine o’clock Cairo time, in the third round of the Champions League group stage matches on our website.

The French capital team presented a high-caliber meeting in the last round of the Champions League and was able to defeat Manchester City, the holder of the English Premier League title, with two goals without a response. Paris Saint-Germain was certainly the most deserving and deserving of victory in the last meeting, especially since the team presented a very balanced match in terms of defense While he presented a fierce and strong meeting from the offensive side and was able to reach the nets of Manchester City twice during the meeting to collect three points of heavy caliber, they will have a major role in the European team's march.

Paris Saint-Germain will play today's meeting with striking force, looking for its second victory in the European Championship and adding the three points to its tally in order to stay in the lead, without looking at the outcome of the match between Manchester City and Club Brugge Brugge.

The technical staff of the French capital team will rely on the trio of Neymar da Silva, Lionel Messi and Kylian Mbappe in order to lead the Paris team to reach Leipzig's net and collect the three points in order to go a long way in the team's journey towards qualifying for the next round of the European Championship.

Paris Saint-Germain is playing today's meeting, coming from a victory over Angers in the last round of the French League, with two goals against a goal, in a meeting that witnessed the absence of Neymar and Messi, who arrived late due to their participation with Brazil and Argentina in the World Cup qualifiers, and the duo will certainly be present in today's meeting. In order to increase the offensive power of the Parisian team in today's meeting.

Paris Saint-Germain is at the top of Group A with 4 points, after winning a match, drawing in a match and not losing any match, and the team scored three goals and conceded one goal.

On the other hand, Leipzig raises in today’s meeting the slogan “There is no alternative to winning” in order to preserve its chances of competing for the nomination card for the next round of the European Championship. The German team did not perform the expected performance in the first two matches and lost from Manchester City by six to three goals, before He loses from Club Brugge with two goals to one. Any negative result in today's meeting means that the team is eliminated by a large percentage of the competition for one of the two tickets to qualify for the next round of the Champions League.

Leipzig realizes that it is facing a very difficult task in light of the team’s suffering this season, whether on the local side or the European side, and its results in the Champions League do not bode well that the team is able to turn the tables on Paris Saint-Germain, but it will play the meeting with the determination of the hero in the hope of achieving a positive result. Preserve your chances of qualifying for the next round.

Leipzig occupies the last place in the group ranking table without points, after losing in two matches and not drawing or winning in any meeting, and the team scored 4 goals and conceded 8 goals.

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