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Netflix launched its first three mobile games


Netflix launched its first three mobile games

This summer, Netflix announced that it will expand its services by offering with its subscription, in addition to the best series, movies, and mobile games. Starting today, the streaming platform includes in its catalog the first three mobile video games that users in Spain, Poland, and Italy can enjoy. These are the "Shooting Hoops", "Teeter Up" and "Card Blast" video games

Netflix subscribers will be able to access these games through the platform's Android app. Inside it, you will find a tab that says "Games". When you reach this section, the Netflix app will show you a list of available games depending on the region you are connecting from.

Once the user selects the game of interest to him, by clicking on it, he will be redirected to the Google Play Store. From there you can download and install the game, but to access it, you must first enter your Netflix username and password.

These new games will be completely free and do not contain any kind of ads. They are also not related to any of the Netflix series or movies, as the games presented by the platform have done so far, and both are related to the series "Stranger Things". These are casual video games that aim to appeal to a wide and diverse audience.

With this move, Netflix is ​​taking another step in its strategy to unite itself as a complete entertainment platform. Now, the company is considering releasing these same games in other markets, such as the United States and other European countries. It also announced that it plans to release mobile games as well in the iOS version. However, it has not given an exact date for either of the two launches.