A great goal from Salah against Manchester City

بالفيديو.. هدف عالمي.. محمد صلاح يتلاعب بدفاع السيتي ويسجل الثاني

A great goal from Salah against Manchester City

Al-Masry left several Manchester City defenders in the dust before firing a powerful shot past Ederson in a thrilling equalizer at Anfield on Sunday.

Jurgen Klopp hailed Mohamed Salah's superb goal against Manchester City on Sunday, calling it "pure world class".

The striker dribbled through City's defense before firing a narrow-footed shot past Ederson to give Liverpool the advantage at Anfield. However, Kevin De Bruyne continued to equalize with the match ending 2-2.

This was Salah's seventh consecutive game in all competitions with a goal, which is equivalent to the Reds' longest scoring streak.

Today we have a match that may be the strongest in the world at the moment, the Liverpool team returned from afar and managed to achieve championships with Jurgen Klopp, and everyone knows the wonderful level that City offers with Pep Guardiola, and we have many numbers and facts that reveal an explosion that is about to be obtained At Anfield tonight, the Liverpool team has not lost twice in a row against Man City since 1937, and last season at Anfield, City achieved a wonderful 4-1 victory, breaking a great series of defeats and draws at the Liverpool stadium, and finally won after a series of 17 meetings. Liverpool won it at home, and Liverpool has a not so nice record against the title holders, as it won only one of 7 meetings against the defending champion, and this was a 3-1 victory over City, and the Reds present this season with a unique performance, as it is the only team in the league The Englishman, who has not tasted defeat yet, and has 4 wins and 2 draws, and has the strongest attack in the competition, scored 15 goals, and Liverpool has the longest unbeaten streak in the Premier League in the four ranks, we have 16 consecutive meetings in which he did not see defeat, as he won 12 tied at 4 Despite that, Liverpool have conceded a large number of goals, for example 3 against Brentford, so what does today's match have in store for us?

A meeting outside expectations that will bring together Liverpool and Manchester City in a meeting under the slogan “There is no place for the faint-hearted.” The Liverpool team, the owner of the land in today’s meeting, will play today’s meeting, coming from a deserved victory over Porto, at home and among its fans, with five for a goal, the Liverpool team is doing excellently during the period The last, and despite the team's draw against Brentford, the newcomer of the Premier League, with three goals for them, but he made a match beyond expectations on the defensive and offensive side, and Liverpool will look in today's meeting to win and collect the three points in order to maintain the top of the Premier League standings.

On the other hand, we see that Manchester City is playing today's meeting, coming from a defeat against Paris Saint-Germain in the Champions League with two goals without a response. His Premier League tours, Guardiola's children will look to give their best in today's meeting in order to collect the three points and achieve the third win in a row in the Premier League.

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