Watch the Juventus and Roma match broadcast live

Watch the Juventus and Roma match broadcast live
 today 17-10-2021 in the Italian League

Watching the Juventus and Roma match, broadcast live in the match that takes place at Allianz Stadium, at exactly nine o'clock, in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, as part of the eighth round of the Italian League, through our website, gemy2.

A high-caliber summit between Juventus and Rome in the strongest competitions of the round, each team will search for the three points in today's meeting in order to move forward and improve its position in the Italian championship standings. Whether on the field, especially since the two teams have high-caliber players, or off the field between one of the two strongest coaches in the world, Jose Mourinho and Massimiliano Allegri.

Speaking about Juventus, the owner of the land in today’s meeting, we see that the team is playing the match with spirits in the sky, with what it won in the last round against Torino with a goal without t outside its stadium, and also beat Chelsea, the champions of the Champions League in the last round of the European Championship, and Juve will look in today’s meeting to continue The tone of victories and harvesting the three points to move forward in the championship standings, especially as the team seeks to take advantage of the stumble of Inter Milan, the defending champion, in yesterday's meeting in order to get closer to the standings and go a long way towards approaching the top.

Before today's meeting, the Juventus team is in seventh place in the Italian league table with 11 points, after winning 3 matches, drawing in two matches and losing in two matches. The team scored 11 goals and conceded 10 goals.

On the other hand, Rome enters today’s meeting with conquests in the sky after beating Empoli in the last round with two goals without a response. On Rya Luhatsk orchestras

And then he returned to the memory of victories in the local league and beat Empoli with two goals without a response, and winning today's meeting will push the team forward and will be an incentive to enter the competition for the title.

Englishman Tammy Abraham, Roma player, underwent intensive training during the past hours in order to catch up with today's match, especially since he was injured after he participated with his country against Hungary in the European qualifiers for the World Cup. The command is in the hands of Jose Mourinho, coach of the Italian team.

Roma is ranked fourth in the Calcio ranking table with 15 points, after winning 5 matches, losing 2 matches and drawing no matches. The team scored 16 goals and conceded 8 goals.

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