How to schedule a live broadcast on Instagram


How to schedule a live broadcast on Instagram

Instagram has a function that allows you to program the broadcast of live, live video content, something that is especially useful for those who broadcast this content with some seriousness. And in the particular case of those who use it more than for fun seeking to cement their position as content creators, it is advisable to know how to deal with this possibility.

Programming live shows allows you to set dates and times, the ability to edit contents later and post invites to followers in advance.

The first step is to activate the Instagram content creation button, marked with the + icon at the top right, in order to access the selection menu for the type of post you want to create, photography or video. In this case, you have to select the live option, but instead of pressing the central button (which would activate the live broadcast at that very moment), you have to press the calendar icon on the left side.

In this way, you can get to the moment when you want to specify the start date of the live broadcast, and be able to specify it with a name, which will allow you to distinguish between as many live shows as possible at different times. At the end of typing the name, simply click on Start Time to set the time and day and everything is programmed by confirming with the “Schedule Live Video” option.

Once these steps are completed, a screen that allows sharing of the live ad is reached, making it easier for followers to know the day and time to start broadcasting.

Then, all you have to do is access via the Create Live Calendar menu to check all the live shows that have been scheduled, and you can edit them (change the day and time), cancel them, or share them as a post.

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