How to remotely sign out of Gmail from Android


How to remotely sign out of Gmail from Android

A recommended security measure is to close a Gmail session to prevent someone from accessing emails or the entire ecosystem that relies on users' Google identity without permission. Something that can lead to serious problems as an unauthorized person can make a complete copy of everything in a Gmail account.

Although the simplest thing is to be able to do it from the device in use, it may happen that your Gmail session remains open on another device that is not accessible at that time. This is where it is estimated that there are two ways to do it remotely, either from an Android mobile device or from another computer.

In addition to the email itself, leaving a Gmail session open on a computer facilitates access to chats and video calls (Google Meet), documents (Google Docs), or files stored in the Cloud (Google Drive), among other tools that stack under the same account. For this reason, it is pertinent to know how a remote session can be closed.

For this, there are two alternatives: do it from an Android smartphone or from another computer.

In the first case, the following steps must be followed:

Enter the Users and Accounts settings

-Choose the Gmail account (if you have multiple) whose session you want to close

- Click on “Delete Account”

Remember that by doing this, all applications accessible from this account (Google Meet, Google Docs, Google Drive, Google Chrome, Google Play ...) on this mobile are revoked.

If you do not have physical access to the device on which you want to cancel the use of this account, the procedure is as follows:

- Access the website «Google - your devices» from any browser, this can be done from any device (smartphone, tablet, computer ...)

-Start a Google user account

-Choose “More details” on the device where you want to close the session

Confirm “close session”

This will delete the account profile on the selected device, so even remotely and without physical access to the device, access to the Gmail account that was left open is blocked.

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