How to post photos to Instagram from your computer


How to post photos to Instagram from your computer

Although the most popular thing for Instagram users is to use this application from the mobile device, the truth is that the social network also allows posting both photos and videos from the computer. This summer, it was known that this option was being tested and is now available.

The way to do this is very simple, since although the icons are placed in a different way, the mechanisms are exactly the same as in the mobile application, but in this case the applications can be dispensed with since the publishing can be done directly from the web browser.

For this it is enough:

-Access the web address

- Specify the username and password

In this case, the browser will display the icons that usually appear at the bottom of the mobile application in the upper right part of the screen. All you have to do is click on the icon with the + symbol in the middle of the box to bring up the menu that allows you to post new photos or videos. This can be done by selecting from the location where these files are located or simply by swiping on the on-screen menu.

Once selected, the image can be resized in four possible aspect ratios:


-1: 1



In addition, there is a tool available that allows you to zoom in on the image while scrolling to focus attention on a specific part. Once you select the size and appearance, and as usual in Instagram, the different options appear in terms of the available filters.

Currently available are: Original, Aden, Clarendon, Cream, Gingham, Juno, Lark, Ludwig, Moon, Perpetua, Reyes and Slumber. Once selected, various adjustments can be made to brightness, contrast, saturation, color temperature and attenuation, as well as to the type of vignette associated with each filter.

Finally, a comment and additional information about the site may be included, a descriptive text of the content to help people with vision problems (generated automatically, but can be determined by the author himself) and in the advanced settings section, comments can be added with a disabled person.

By clicking Share, the photo or video will be posted to your Instagram profile.

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