How to make an encrypted backup of WhatsApp chats



How to make an encrypted backup of WhatsApp chats

WhatsApp has started testing a new feature that allows its users to encrypt the backup of their chat history on iCloud or Google Drive. In this way, the Facebook-owned instant messaging app protects against a security breach that some governments use to access private conversations between individuals.

WhatsApp already has end-to-end encryption of messages shared in chats for years, protecting the privacy and security of its users. But this measure provides an extra layer of protection, ensuring that chats stored in the cloud cannot be accessed by third parties.

These encrypted backups will let you store your chats, photos, GIFs, and other files on Google Drive and iCloud. Since it is protected, only the person doing the backup will be allowed to access it. WhatsApp itself will not have the possibility to break this protection and access the copies.

This security encryption is disabled by default, but here we explain the steps you must follow to activate it.

-Latest version of WhatsApp: To be able to make encrypted backups, it is necessary to have the latest version of the application installed. If not, enter the Play Store if you're from Android, into the App Store if you're from iOS, and search for WhatsApp. When you enter the application tab, you will see an option that says "Update".

Adjustments: Then open WhatsApp and tap on the three dots icon in the upper right corner. When you do this, a window with several options will be displayed, and you have to click on the window that says "Chats". Once inside, you will see that at the bottom there is an option that says "Backup", which is the option that interests us.

-Save: Next, you will see a green tick where it says "Save". When you click on it, an option will appear that will allow you to create an “Encrypted End-to-End Backup”. Once you select it, you just have to follow the steps that the app indicates. Ultimately, you will need to create a password to protect your chat backup.

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