How to forward WhatsApp without showing 'Forwarded'


How to forward WhatsApp without showing 'Forwarded'

It's been three years since WhatsApp started notifying recipients of a message if it was forwarded from other conversations. The company's goal was to fight spam and misinformation. Later, it also started showing its users how many times the message was forwarded.

Thus, it is possible to receive a message saying “redirected” or “redirected multiple times” above. Sometimes sending such a message can be a bit awkward, so it is convenient to know the tricks to skip this WhatsApp notification.

Here we explain the ways that you can follow to prevent WhatsApp from informing your interlocutor that you have forwarded a message received from someone else. Depending on whether it is a text message or a file (document, video or photo), the procedure will be different.

Forward a message:

-Tap and hold: If you want to forward a text message or link to a website, you must first press and hold on it. Then, when selected, click on the three-dot icon in the upper right corner. When you do that, WhatsApp will show you two options: "Forward" and "Copy".

- “Copy”: If you choose the first option, WhatsApp will show the recipient that the message has been “forwarded”.

-Resend: When you do this, a sign will appear that says "Message copied". Now, you just have to go to the conversation in which you want to send the message, and in the text box, paste the content.

File forwarding:

The process of forwarding an image, video, or audio file is somewhat different.

Three-dot icon: As with text messages, you must press and hold on the file and then select the icon in the upper right corner.

- “Share”: This icon will give us several options, and what matters to us is the “Share” option. When we do this, a box will appear in which you must select the channel through which you want to share the file. Choose WhatsApp and then select the recipient or recipients you want to forward the file to.

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