How to change your username on Twitter


How to change your username on Twitter

The username by which Twitter users are recognized is not fixed and immutable, allowing it to be changed if desired after account registration. To do this, you have to follow some simple guidelines that will allow you to adopt a new Tweet identity.

Modification can be done from the web version (not from the application for mobile devices) through the menu in the “Settings and privacy” section, from which you can access the “Your Account” option, where you have to access “User name” (after entering the password) .

Here Twitter shows the current username of the Twitter account with space to add the new meta. The change process is not immediate as Twitter will continue to verify that the new identifier complies with the social network's usage rules and, in particular, has not already been used in another account by another user.

However, for cases where there is already another user who previously registered an account with the same name, another possibility is to edit not the username but the account name.

This means that even if the username remains the same (myuser), the account name will appear in bold on the profile and may be different (I am a myuser user). This username will not be inconsistent with the fact that it is also used by another account (user otrousuario) and if you search for 'me the user' both accounts will appear as a result.

Changing the username, for the ease it offers, is used by some speakers as "status information" or to add temporary information.

The method for modifying this username will be as follows, and as you will see it is very different from modifying the account name shown earlier. In this case, you have to access from the "Profile-Edit Profile" section (both from the web version and from the application for mobile devices) which is as simple as clicking on the name, changing it to another and pressing "Save".

With this option, Twitter allows users to adapt their way of identifying themselves with the rest of the tweeting community according to user needs, a section in which the microblogging social network does not stop innovating with capabilities like the one they are currently developing, consisting of including an NFT as a profile picture on a Twitter account.

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