How does Google Autocomplete work?


How does Google Autocomplete work

For years, Google's autocomplete functionality has made searches much easier. Every time we enter a search term in Google, the search engine displays a series of related suggestions as characters are entered in the search bar, which saves time.

Google noted that this system reduces the need to type terms into the bar by up to 25%, so by adding all the searches done every day around the world, the company estimates we save 200 years of typing time every day.

How does Google Autocomplete work?

Instead of sending an entire query to the server, what the AutoComplete system does is work with a suggested string of terms, which can be used as a query. In this sense, we are working with the list of terms that the search engine enters as a query.

This way, every time the user enters a character from his query, the search system provides complete queries that match the characters entered. This way, the user can select one of the suggestions, if it matches the entire query.

Google calls suggestions that appear "predictions", where it's not about suggesting new, relevant search topics, but it's trying to save your search time by showing you the appropriate term before you finish typing.

To do this, Google analyzes the context of other similar searches, which are joined by current trends, the geographical location and language of the user, their tastes and interests, as well as the most popular searches. This gives the raw result for the most likely user queries.

To this raw result, others have been added that Google's AI extracts from a user's recent searches, as well as from all information stored in the cache of previous queries.

However, to prevent the prediction system from making inappropriate suggestions, Google's artificial intelligence (AI) systems filter and remove all sexually explicit content that is not related to medical, scientific or educational topics, as well as any hateful content. Activities that are dangerous or harmful to yourself or others.

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