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Groups: WhatsApp is preparing its “communities”


Groups: WhatsApp is preparing its “communities”

WhatsApp is developing a new function, under the name "Community", the purpose of which is not yet clear but in essence it could be a group manager or a group of groups, so that the various groups on a topic are collected and similar in a way that makes it easier for users to reach.

The information about this development comes from the presence of certain lines of code leaked from a beta version of the WhatsApp application, specifically V2.21.21.6, where this new feature is mentioned over and over again, which may indicate the possibility that within a community there may be several groups or Conversely, as there may be several communities within the group.

The truth is that beta code mentions both functions, community and groups, so it seems that both will coexist. One possibility is that the process is similar to Facebook groups and that it operates jointly on the said platform, merging its users with those of WhatsApp and Instagram, in a move that confirms the repeated will of Facebook (owner of WhatsApp and Instagram) for preference. Communication between the three platforms, which is currently allowed with two of them: group chats on Facebook and Instagram.

Another possibility is that communities behave in a similar way to Telegram channels, in which communication is wider than in groups and allows administrative capabilities or to be one-way, that is, without the possibility of a conversation between users. Who can participate passively only by receiving the information posted by the administrator.

At the moment, since the evidence for this new functionality is only in the WhatsApp beta code, there is no official confirmation from the company when this functionality will be launched, and it is not even known if it will do so in the future. For now, we only know he's working on it.