Google launched a guitar tuner

Google search engine has hundreds of hidden features, tools, and hidden games that can be accessed by executing a simple command.

Now a new function has been discovered, which is sure to please those who love to play the guitar, since the Google search engine hides a tuner for this musical instrument, very easy to use.

In order to use this tool, you just have to type “Google tuner” into the Google search engine, either from the web or from the Android and iOS mobile apps. When you do this, an interface appears very similar to that of any guitar tuning application on the market, and the good thing is that you will not need to download one, because this functionality is built into the Google search engine.

When accessing the tuner, the microphone on your computer or mobile phone will be used to tune the guitar. All you have to do is play the guitar chord, and by analyzing the sound that comes through the device's microphone, Google will detect the tone you're trying to play and will analyze if it's harmonious or out of tune.

Google will indicate how to modify the string so that the note looks good. It's not a function that will surpass those of dozens of guitar tuning apps on the market, but at least it's very easy to use and it's built into the search engine.

Of course, its effectiveness will depend on the quality of the microphone of the device used, because if it picks up a lot of background noise, the necessary tuning for the guitar may not be created correctly.

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