Google «Big Moments»: real-time news in the search engine


Google «Big Moments»: real-time news in the search engine

Google is developing a new function for its Search Results Page (SERP) called "Big Moments," which will highlight the most important information about current events and breaking news, which will be updated in real time.

This functionality has been in development for over a year and the idea came from a group of Googlers who complained that it was impossible to find relevant information about some current events in the search engine.

In this sense, Google is often the destination for those looking for general information, and when searching for information about a current event, Google is usually a "late" destination. When users search for last-minute information, they usually go first to Twitter or Facebook, which usually provide real-time information, thanks to user posts.

Big Moments aims to make Google the primary source of real-time news for users. In this sense, the new function will update the news in real time and, whenever possible, provide additional information, both historical and contextual, thanks to the use of the new MUM algorithm.

For example, when news of a natural disaster occurs, such as the eruption of the La Palma volcano, the Big Moments feature will not only update the disaster information minute by minute, but also display additional information such as the number of deaths or injuries in real time, as well as data on the frequency of eruptions in the geographical area.

For this, in addition to the Google MUM algorithm, information extracted from official sources and open source data repositories will be used. In this sense, although it is a function developed from scratch, Google has recycled part of the technology that Google News used in 2018.

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