Google and YouTube will not display in-content ads against climate change


Google and YouTube will not display in-content ads against climate change

Google already has many actions, both in its search engine and in the rest of its products, designed to achieve a more sustainable and environmentally responsible world, yet it has now launched a new initiative that surprises, above all, because it will affect the world. Creators pockets.

The company stated that it will stop displaying any kind of ads that deny climate change, whether in the search engine or in products such as YouTube. The ban will also affect the monetization of any other content that denies this fact, as the possibility of making money with it will be suspended.

Thus, both Google - and YouTube - will stop receiving money from advertisers by advertising on this topic, and the users themselves will also stop getting income from those content that prevents climate change on any of Google's platforms.

This is from now on reflected in Google's Advertising and Monetization Policy, which has been updated and explicitly states that "as of next month" Google will not allow monetization of content, including videos, that goes against the scientific consensus. They are proven reasons to think about climate change.

Among other content, Google expressly states that it will ban advertising in content that denies recognized long-term trends such as global climate warming, the consequences of the greenhouse effect or human contribution to climate change.

However, Google has made it clear that it will distinguish false or spam content from that questioning those theories, as advertising will be allowed - thus making money - because they are not rejecting, but simply asking if it is real or not.

To implement this differentiation and update its policies, Google has received support from technicians from the United Nations and other NGOs working against climate change.

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