Watch the Germany and North Macedonia match broadcast live

Watch the Germany and North Macedonia match broadcast live
 today 11-10-2021 in the World Cup qualifiers

Watching the match between Germany and North Macedonia, live broadcast of the match between the two teams at Todor Broeski Stadium in the eighth round of European qualifiers for the World Cup, at 08:45 Cairo time, via our gemy2 website.

The German team turned the tables on its Romanian counterpart in the last round and turned its delay by two goals to win with a goal without a response in the last round of the qualifiers. The German team played a strong match, specifically in the second half of the meeting, and scored two goals to reap the three points and continue its positive career and series of victories.

The German team is at the top of the qualifiers with 18 points, after participating in 7 matches, winning 6 matches, drawing no matches and losing one match. group teams.

On the other hand, the North Macedonia team is looking forward to winning today's match and getting closer to the top and securing the second place in its group career, especially in light of the pursuit of Armenia, which is ranked third.

The North Macedonia national team is coming to the meeting today from a fiery match against Liechtenstein without a response, and hopes to exploit the high morale of the players in order to maintain its positive career and achieve the second victory in a row to approach the top, as we said, and strengthen the runner-up position in light of the pursuit of Armenia.

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