Earn more than 100 rubles a day watching videos


Earn more than 100 rubles a day watching videos

First, what is this site and how do I earn from it?

What is similar to the Get Like website, social media service sites, and you can profit from it in 3 ways. The first way is to put followers, watch videos and make likes, and here you are in the place of the performer to do some tasks and profit from the Internet, and in the video I put it as proof of withdrawal to one of the subscribers with a value of 560 rubles Withdraw them and profit from the Internet on their own wallet. The second way is to be a promoter to promote the site and use your referral link. The first is to bring visitors to this site, and the third way is by setting up some advertising campaigns for Instagram or Twitter, a way to enlarge your pages or followers or enlarge Instagram accounts and sell them, the price of Instagram has reached the price of Instagram One to more than 200 US dollars. On this site, you determine what you want the first, second or third method to be, and this is the explanation of the site in a nutshell

Second, how to register on the site

There are many ways to register on the site. You can register either through your e-mail or through your account on Instagram or through Gmail or direct contact with the Google service, but I advise you on all sites to represent by e-mail and password. By clicking on the word “Register” and choosing a name in English, then your email, and it must be a real email, because the site does not accept multiple accounts. You go to the Gmail application in your cell phone and click on the message sent from the site containing the word “confirm” or confirm. Site and win rubles for free

Explain the first way to profit by executing missions

The first day at the beginning of registration, enter the interface of the site and several boxes appear between these boxes and likes and watch the videos, but at first the site asks you for his account on Telegram, his account on Telegram, to make sure that you are a real person, then you fall into the account for 10 or 15 seconds and then return to the site And you click on the word Verify, it may be to make sure that you are a human and not a robot. What do you need to have an Instagram account? Because working on this site is most of the work through Instagram. What do you prepare an account or several Instagram accounts? Go to the main and rain on the word “Profits” at the top right after entering on Profits show you the tasks to be performed Choose which uncle first and click on the Instagram account that exists without and do the work of following Follow the Instagram account Follow an account and add you a number of shrimp, for example 0.27 of the Russian ruble, and there are many and many Instagram accounts that you can follow and earn money from there is another way And it is by putting likes on and you put a like for each post that is requested and then you return to the site and click on the word Verify and after verifying this task, he adds the ruble in the balance of the site and this is a great way You need to make money from the Internet, and here is for you, uncle. Come on Twitter accounts. Not always. There are tasks for Twitter to rely directly on the Instagram accounts of your children, uncle. Finally, it is all the tasks. If you are in a hurry, you click on this box and perform all the tasks on the site. And they are endless tasks and you can earn more than 100 or 150 rubles per day, this depends on the free time he has on the site, the more you work on the site, the faster you earn money

Another method is the automatic clicking method. There are a number of robots on the site, and these robots automatically click instead of the eye, meaning the robot is automatically doing follow-ups. All you have to do is provide the robot with Instagram accounts in order to perform tasks on the Internet instead of you. This is an excellent task and method that most professionals rely on. In the field of profit from the Internet for beginners

Fourth, how can you withdraw money from the site as a minimum?

First, there is the owner of the money from this site through a kiwi wallet. You can withdraw via a bank card, your account in the bank, or via Visa, a payer account. A phone number that you can profit from the Internet with ease and sell your profits at any broker

As for the minimum withdrawal amount from this site, it is 200 rubles on a Qiwi wallet, and you will receive the withdrawal within two or three days.

As for the Payer wallet, the minimum withdrawal amount on Payer is 500 rupees, so you can withdraw from 10 to 15 or 20 days, calculating the pressure on the site, the pressure on the servers and the number of requests from the owners in it, but the site is 100% honest and turmeric earns money on a daily basis and withdraw four judgments and sell them

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