Convert videos to black and white online for free


Convert videos to black and white online for free

Today I will show you a way to convert videos to black and white that is very easy to use.

For this we will use a free web tool that does not even require us to register to use it.

You should keep in mind that it works with videos in MP4 format, so if your video is in another format, it will be necessary to convert it beforehand, for which you can use free tools such as Video2Edit.

Converting videos to black and white is a good way to give them a vintage or retro touch, now that the old is very trendy.

Using this web tool to give your videos a retro touch is really simple, and you don't need any previous video editing experience.

And it will not be superfluous to download or install programs, since the whole process takes place directly in the browser.


How to convert videos to black and white for free and online?

Well, as you already expected, it couldn't be easier. Follow these steps:

Visit Make MP4 Video Black & White website, leave your link at the end of this article.

Click "Select File..." to select the video that you are going to convert to grayscale, and its weight cannot exceed 500MB.

Click the Upload Video File button to upload the video.

Wait for the process to finish and click on “Download File” to download the video that has already been converted to black and white.

Visit this web tool to insert your videos

If you need to convert videos to black and white, all you have to do is visit the Make Video Black & White website.

A simple and easy to use tool that can be very practical on more than one occasion.

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