Watch the Colombia vs Ecuador match broadcast live

Watch the Colombia vs Ecuador match broadcast live
 today in the World Cup qualifiers

Colombia and Ecuador will face each other in Barranquilla in a 2022 World Cup qualifier on Thursday The two countries are separated by just one point in the standings with Ecuador currently in third place with sixteen points and Colombia to fifth in fifteen.

Colombia fell to Brazil in a goalless draw at home on Sunday. They did not lose in the normal 90 minutes in eight consecutive meetings and were eliminated from the Copa America in the semi-finals only on penalties against Argentina. The last matches in Colombia were fraught with danger with only one game decided from the last 13 matches Four of their previous five meetings ended without a winner in a draw with only one

While for this match, Colombia did not report any new injuries after their match against Brazil, so Reinaldo Rueda will provide all his players for this match. It is an important match for Los Cafeteros, so the coach will definitely go with his best players.

Ecuador came home empty-handed from visiting Venezuela after losing 2:1 at the Stadio Olimpico on Sunday. The team has won only two of its last 12 matches in all tournaments and allowed six defeats in that period. None of the last 10 confrontations in Ecuador ended in victory for the visiting nations. The host country has won on six occasions in these confrontations. Ecuador has conceded more than one goal only in its last five matches.

Ecuador will try to recover from their 2-1 defeat to Venezuela in Caracas before that they beat Bolivia 3-0 at home however they need to do better on the road Ecuador's side lost in their last three away games against Brazil and Uruguay

Los Cafeteros will attend this match after a goalless draw with Brazil at home, while it is an important result, as they are the only ones who managed to collect points against La Canarinha.

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