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مشاهدة مباراة البرازيل وكولومبيا بث مباشر اليوم في تصفيات كأس العالم

Colombia faces Brazil in the South American qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup at the Metropolitano Stadium. The host country is fifth in the table with 14 points from ten matches, while the visitors see themselves at the top of the table with 27 points from nine matches. Colombia is two points behind fourth, which could keep them in the region for direct qualification for the World Cup. Reinaldo Rueda's team entered the match with a goalless draw against Uruguay.

Colombia have played low-scoring matches in their last few matches. They have scored less than 2.5 goals in five out of seven matches. They've also drawn in five of their seven matches and struggled to score the required number of goals for wins even after playing relatively well. exactly the contrary ,

Brazil won each of the nine qualifying matches. They entered the match with a 3-1 landslide victory over Venezuela. They have been assertive defensively and have kept a clean sheet in their last six matches. However, unlike Colombia, it was easy for Brazil to score easy goals and victories. Most of Brazil's victories in the past few months have been slim 1-0 victories. They also have under 2.5 goals in six of Brazil's last eight matches. The two teams played three draws between them in Colombia, each scoring less than 2.5 goals.

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