Watch the France-Belgium match broadcast live

مشاهدة مباراة فرنسا وبلجيكا بث مباشر 
اليوم 07-10-2021 دوري الأمم الأوروبية

Watching the France-Belgium match today, live broadcast, in the semi-finals of the European Nations League, which was created during the international breaks and has become a major concern at the level of the continent of Europe. Outside of all expectations, especially that both coaches used as many stars as possible to lead the team towards victory. We find that the Belgian team returned Kevin De Bruyne to play next to Romelu Lukaku after recovering from injury, and included Deschamps Martial, the Manchester United star, at the expense of Olivier Giroud, who moved to AC Milan.

Deschamps raises the slogan, “There is no alternative to winning.” Third in the first classification at the expense of Portugal and Croatia, and therefore he is looking for new achievements after he left Euro 2020 empty-handed, although some were nominating him to win the title

As for the Belgian coach, Martinez climbed to this role after topping the second group of the first classification at the expense of England and Denmark, and he hopes that the tank will be Chelsea's attacking star Romelu Lukaku at his best in order to win against the French roosters.

The date of the match between France and Belgium and the carrier channels

This summit is scheduled to take place at nine o’clock in Egypt local time, which corresponds to ten o’clock in Saudi Arabia, in an upcoming meeting and broadcast on the group of BN Sport channels that have the rights of the European Nations League.

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