Watch the Barcelona and Valencia match broadcast live

Watch the Barcelona and Valencia match broadcast live
 today 10/17-2021 in the Spanish League

Watching the Barcelona-Valencia match live broadcast in the match that takes place at the Camp Nou in the ninth round of the Spanish League, at exactly nine o’clock in the evening, the Egyptian capital, Cairo, through our website gemy2 .

Barcelona suffers greatly from the decline in performance and level this season, and the teams are in trouble, whether in the Spanish League or the Champions League. Barcelona is facing a disastrous season in every sense of the word, especially since it is the first season for the team without Messi, who left during the last summer Mercato for Paris. Saint-Germain is in a free transfer deal, and despite the fact that Barcelona concluded strong deals of high caliber during the last Mercato, Memphis Depay is the only deal that expressed itself, but the rest of the deals are between injuries or not appearing at the level hoped for by them so far, Koman, the coach of the giant The Catalan has become strongly threatened with losing his position and leaving Barcelona, ​​especially in light of the negative results that the team is entitled to, whether La Liga or the Champions League.

Dear followers of our site, Barcelona lost its luster and luster with the Dutch coach, and although the results of the team did not change much compared to the results of the team at the end of last season, the situation in the current period has become more difficult and difficult, and the position of Barcelona has worsened, whether in the League or the Champions League, and the team is threatened with a league farewell. The Champions from the group stage in one of the biggest shocks of the season for the Catalan fans around the world.

The Dutch coach is fully aware that there is still hope in the competition for the La Liga title, and despite the team’s defeat in one round and a draw in three rounds, he still has all the chances and chances in the competition for the title, provided he wins in the upcoming matches, and Koeman realizes that today’s meeting is a bottleneck in His career in the league, especially as it will be the key to the team's return to its splendor and brilliance or increase the crisis and decline more and more in the league table.

Dear follower, Barcelona, ​​​​Yalla Shot Today, is in the ninth place with 12 points, which the team has won in 3 matches, a draw in 3 matches, and a defeat in a meeting. .

On the other hand, Valencia dreams of blowing up the surprise and getting a positive result against Barcelona in today's meeting and returning from the match with the three points. The last of the Catalan team dropped into the cycle of negative results more and more, especially since today's meeting is six points in light of the convergence of the center and the number of points of the two teams in the league table.

Valencia is currently in eighth place with 12 points after winning 3 games, drawing 3 games and losing two games, scoring 12 goals and conceding 8 goals.

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