A new website that removes clothes from photos using artificial intelligence

A new website that removes clothes from photos using artificial intelligence


In 2019, the world had many problems with an app that used artificial intelligence to undress people, a project that disappeared shortly after its launch due to the community's reaction to something like that.

DeepNude, the app that removes dress from women's photos, closes: 'Very highly likely to be used incorrectly'

Now, two years later, the nightmare is back in web mode, and British MP Maria Miller already wants a parliamentary debate to ban digital nude photos.

The service is now provided through a website called DeepSukebe (it is your responsibility before God if you use it on others, we aim to protect and understand what is happening on the Internet), a website that only requires uploading the image and the person in the image will appear without clothes.

The process is simple, the AI ​​system has been fed millions of nude photos, to match the new uploaded photo.

Only in June the site received more than five million visits, and so far the site is still active.

It is not yet known who is behind this new project, but the BBC has opened an investigation to obtain the data. For now, we only know that the developers of the site are working on a more powerful version of the tool.

It is part of the tools called Nudifier, and with time, they get stronger and faster.

Logically, no one gives anything away for free, so any browsing information or personal data in the browser can be compromised when you use something like this on the web.

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