Watching the Liverpool and Atletico Madrid match broadcast live

Watching the Liverpool and Atletico Madrid match broadcast live
 today 10/19-2021 in the Champions League

Watching the Liverpool and Atletico Madrid match, broadcast live at the Wanda Metropolitano Stadium, at exactly nine o’clock in the evening, Cairo time, as part of the third round of the Champions League group stage competitions via our website.

Liverpool enters today's meeting with very high spirits after the sweeping and deserved victory of the team in the last round over Watford with five without a response, so that the Reds continue their positive march in the league championship and chasing the lead. To win the second meeting over Porto, Portugal, by five goals to one.

Today's match will be an exciting challenge between the duo, Mohamed Salah, the star of Liverpool, and Luis Suarez, the star of Atletico Madrid, especially since the two have recently performed more than wonderful with the two teams, whether in the local league or the Champions League. The language of numbers says that Mohamed Salah scored 3 goals in the Champions League, while He scored 7 goals in the English Premier League, making them the top scorer in the English championship, equal to Leicester City's top scorer Jimmy Vardy. Who scored the same number of goals, and the duo will have a prominent role in leading one of the two teams to victory in today's meeting.

On the other hand, Atletico Madrid enters today's meeting and its spirits are in the sky after the strong performance of the team against Barcelona in the last round of La Liga and winning two goals without a response. He is fully aware that the language of numbers is in his favour, but coach Diego Simeone warned the players against any complacency in today's meeting, especially since Liverpool's level is constantly evolving and the Spanish club will look for revenge for the defeat it received in its last appearance at Wanda Metropolitano.

Today's confrontation is a special challenge for the Uruguayan star Luis Suarez, the top scorer of Atletico Madrid, especially as he will meet with his former team, who succeeded and excelled in it and was his gateway towards starting and joining Barcelona. To win and collect the three points in order to move forward and snatch the top of the group.

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