Watch the Turkey-Norway match broadcast live

Watch the Turkey-Norway match broadcast live
 today 08-10-2021 in the World Cup qualifiers

Watch the Turkey-Norway match broadcast live in the match between the two teams at Fenerbahce Sukru Saragoglu Stadium in the seventh round of the European qualifiers for the World Cup, at 20:45, Cairo time, via our website.

The Turkish national team enters today's meeting under the new technical leadership of German coach Stefan Konz, who took over the task instead of Shinol Gunes, who was sacked after the defeat of the Turkish team in the last meeting against the Netherlands by six. The competition for the nomination card for the finals, although his hopes are not strong in light of the good results of the first and second places in the Netherlands and Norway.

The Turkish team will play today's meeting with a strong offensive rush in order to settle the match and add the three points to its tally and wait for the results of the remaining matches of the round, as the Turkish team must win in the upcoming rounds, especially since any stumble means fulfilling the dream of competition for nomination for the finals.

On the other hand, Norway will play today’s meeting with spirits in the sky in light of the team’s excellent results in the past rounds. The Norwegian team is coming to the meeting today from a landslide and deserved victory against Gibraltar by five against a goal, and it will look in today’s meeting to continue its series of victories in order to stay in the lead with the team The Dutchman who outperforms the goal difference.

The Dutch team includes many prominent players, perhaps the most important of whom is Borussia Dortmund's top scorer Erling Haaland, who managed to score three goals in the last match against Gibraltar, and will be the key to the team's victory in today's meeting thanks to his high scoring capabilities.

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