Watch the Turkey and Latvia match broadcast live

Watch the Turkey and Latvia match broadcast live
 today 11-10-2021 in the World Cup qualifiers

Watching the match between Turkey and Latvia, live broadcast of the match between the two teams at Konto Stadium in the eighth round of the European qualifiers for the World Cup, at exactly nine o'clock in the evening, local time in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, via our gemy2 website.

The Turkish team stumbled in the last meeting against its Norwegian counterpart, and the two teams lost two points in the competition to qualify for the finals. The Turkish team suffers greatly from the decline in results and performance recently, as it lost from the Netherlands in the round before the last by six to one, while drawing with Norway, and only 5 Points in the last two matches, and the team will look in today's meeting for the three points in order to advance in the qualifiers table and preserve its chances of competing for the crossing card for the next round of the World Cup qualifiers.

The Turkish team is in third place with 12 points, 4 points ahead of the Netherlands in first place and two points from Norway, in second place. The Turkish team won 3 matches, drew in 3 matches and lost in one match, scored 17 goals and conceded 14 goals.

On the other hand, the Latvia team is suffering from a decline in results and performance recently, the Latvian team is coming to face today from a defeat against the Netherlands in the last round after defeat with a goal without a response, and it will try in today’s meeting to come out with a positive result against the Turkish team and exploit the workers of the land and the public in order to improve its position In the qualifiers table, he left his mark before the end of his career in the tournament, especially since the team lost all its chances in the competition to qualify for the next round of qualifiers.

Latvia is in fifth place with 5 points after winning one match, drawing two matches and losing four matches. The team scored 7 goals and conceded 11 goals.

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