Watch the Leicester City vs Spartak Moscow match broadcast live

Watch the Leicester City vs Spartak Moscow match broadcast live

The Foxes team seeks to improve the dull image of Europe when it meets its Russian counterpart Spartak Moscow at the Atkrit Arena, in a difficult confrontation for the two sides in the third round of the group stage of the European League at 4:30 pm Cairo time.

The Leicester City group is one of the most intertwined and exciting groups in the European League, so you find that everyone has equal chances of qualifying and everyone wants to get the three points. Unanswered in great surprise.

In the second round, when Spartak Moscow left for Naples, the guests gave the match of their life and returned from Italy with a precious victory with three goals against a goal, in a match in which the last minutes played a lot of fun and confidence, as he scored 3 goals, one for the Italians and two for the guests in the last 10 minutes.

Spartak Moscow expected line-up against Leicester City:

Goalkeeper: Alexander Maksimenko

Defenders: Georgi Dzikia, Samuel Gigot, Nikolai Raskazov.

Midfield: Ayrton Lucas, Roman Zubnin, Nile Omiarov, Moses.

Forwards: Jordan Larson, Ponce, Promes.

The date of the match between Leicester City and Spartak Moscow today

The match between Leicester City and Spartak Moscow will start at 4:30 pm Palestine time, 4:30 pm Jordan time, 4:30 pm Cairo time, 4:30 pm Tripoli time, 4:30 pm Sudan time, 4:30 pm Damascus time, It is half past five in the evening in Iraq, five in the evening in Yemen, five in the evening in Bahrain, five in the evening in Kuwait, and five in the evening in Comoros.

Leicester City had outdone itself in the Manchester United match in the English Premier League next Saturday, and succeeded in translating the opportunities that were available to it to achieve a remarkable victory with four goals against two goals against Cristiano Ronaldo's colleagues and receive a strong impulse before facing Spartak Moscow.

In the face of tonight, Leicester City will raise the slogan “The Forbidden Fault” in light of having obtained one point in the first two matches and its difficult position in the competition so far. .

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