Watch the Iran and South Korea match broadcast live

Watch the Iran and South Korea match broadcast live
 in the World Cup qualifiers

South Korea will face Iran in their first away match of the final round of the 2022 FIFA World Cup Asian qualifiers on Tuesday. The match kicks off at Azadi Stadium in Tehran at 3 pm Cairo time, while Saudi Arabia has died in the Asian qualifiers for the World Cup.

Iran is the highest-ranked team from Asia, 14 places behind South Korea. Iran also leads the first group in the current stage with three consecutive victories, after scoring five goals and not giving up anything. South Korea is second with seven points from two wins and a draw. This might sound like an oxymoron, but the Taeguk warriors were undefeated and were less well-rounded at the same time. They have only achieved three goals combined against three major underdogs, Iraq, Lebanon and Syria,

While the defense was lucky to have conceded only one goal so far. South Korea will now try to end the winless drought in Tehran, as they recorded two draws and five losses. After an uninspiring victory over Syria

With a score of 2-1 on Thursday, South Korea coach Paulo Bento answered questions about the Iran match. Perhaps in an effort to lighten the burden on his players,

Pinto said: "The match we will play on Tuesday is not more important than the matches we played. It is not a decisive match. It is just another game he played." But Bento admitted that it will be a different match from the previous three matches for South Korea, due to the Iranians' physical strength, international experience and strong technical skills. "It will be a difficult match and a good challenge for us," he added. "I'm sure it will be a tough match for them as well."

South Korea has not yet had to deal with the kind of firepower that Iran will surely bring. Sardar Azmoun of Zenit Saint Petersburg, Alireza Jahanbakhsh of Feyenoord and Mehdi Taremi of FC Porto will all receive special attention from the defenders. South Korea will enter a hostile stadium for the first time in this round, having played three matches in empty stadiums at home, with COVID-19 restrictions preventing fans from participating in all sporting events in the metropolitan area.

The health of the key players remains a concern. Captain Son Heung-min, who scored the 89th-minute winner against Syria, came down and grabbed his right calf in apparent pain late in the game. Son later said he was fine, and had no injury. But it's also the same leg he injured during his previous international duties in September. After playing the full 90 minutes against Iraq, Son missed the Lebanon match. He also missed some time with Tottenham Hotspur after returning to the Premier League club.

Pinto has been defiant and bold in the face of criticism that he is not properly managing the workload of his star players, especially those who have to make long journeys from Europe to Korea or other parts of Asia. South Korea should have been able to handle Syria without the need for Son throughout the match. But with South Korea leading 1-0 late in the second half, Bento had no choice but to keep Son in the match. It was validated when Son scored the tiebreaker. And now Pinto can never sit on the bench.

Given the way South Korea have played recently, they would hardly be able to compete against Iran without Son in the squad. Pinto will need all of his best dogs. In addition, he is not going to Tehran to try to keep Iran at a tie and get one point.

"A draw is exactly how the game starts," Pinto said. "We have to play and fight to get the three points." "We're going to play to win the game. That's our goal." Kim Min Jae, the main defense center for Bento, said mental preparation will be just as important as physical preparation. "We defenders should try not to concede any goal," Kim said. "More than anyone else, I would like to finish every game with a zero on the board for the other team." "We will come together to analyze (Iran) and come up with a game plan that will help us get a clean sheet.

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