Google prepares to index TikTok and Instagram videos 

Google is negotiating agreements with TikTok and Instagram to index and rank their content, especially content in video format, in search results.

Although most details of the potential agreement between Google and the Facebook and ByteDance platforms are still unknown, this may be similar to the one formed between Google and Twitter in 2015, where Google obtained access to tweet data that these contain indexed Instant.

De alcanzar un acuerdo entre Facebook, ByteDance y Google, los creadores de contenido de estas plataformas tendrían acceso a uno de los mayores canales de tráfico orgánico que existen en la actualidad, ya que en estos momentíos no es Instagram vk posde encon The Google. This will be a great opportunity, as it will provide access to a new way to gain visibility and gain more followers.

This agreement will also favor Google, since it will have access to billions of new videos for indexing, which in the long run will allow to expand the content index, allowing Google to become a destination for users looking for videos of this type. This will increase the overall volume of searches on Google.

However, this new visibility channel may not be to the liking of all content creators. In some cases, Instagram and TikTok users may not be fond of giving Google the data the engine needs to index videos on its search results page.

In addition, Google owns YouTube, which competes with a lot of audience of short video viewers, so it is understandable that many creators, who have channels based on Instagram and TikTok, are reluctant to share this information without receiving anything of value in return.

In the case of Twitter, Google pays an annual license fee for indexing tweets once they are posted on the platform, so the agreement with Instagram and TikTok may have a similar compensation clause.

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