Watch the Chile vs Venezuela match broadcast live

Watch the Chile vs Venezuela match broadcast live

Chile coach Martin Lasarte said today, Wednesday, that Venezuela, the next opponent of La Roja, in the World Cup qualifiers, is a team that plays well, and is no longer as it was the weakest opponent in South America.

"Venezuela is a strong opponent. I see that it is far from what it was 15 years ago when it was the weakest opponent," Lasarte added in statements before Saturday's match in Santiago.

"It no longer happens," said the Uruguayan coach. "Venezuela is a team that plays well."

He referred to striker Alexis Sanchez, who recently returned to the group after recovering from injury, explaining that he is progressing well.

Chile and Venezuela are playing this match with a strong desire to continue to have options to qualify for the World Cup in Qatar, and they are feeling excited after their last victory.

Venezuela is at the bottom of the standings with seven points from 11 matches, 9 points behind the qualifying places, while Chile is in eighth place with 10 points.

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