Watch the Arsenal and Leicester City match broadcast live

Watch the Arsenal and Leicester City match broadcast live
 today 10-30-2021

The Arsenal and Leicester City match will be held on the grounds of the “King Power” stadium, at 1:30 Cairo time, 2:30 KSA, in an exclusive and live broadcast on our website.

Both teams aim to win all three points to rise in the ranking and break the partnership between them, as the two teams are equal in number of points with 14 points for each team.

Which brings us to a fiery confrontation between two big teams seeking to obtain advanced positions in the league standings, and to ascend to the European championships.

The two teams enter the match with high spirits, as the two teams succeeded in achieving victory in the last round of the English Premier League, where the Foxes beat Brentford 2-1, while the Gunners defeated Aston Villa 3-1.

Leicester is ninth in the English Premier League table with 14 points, while Arsenal occupies tenth place with the same number of points.

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