YouTube will allow posts to be shared on channels with more than 500 subscribers

YouTube will allow posts to be shared on channels with more than 500 subscribers

You may not know, but until now, YouTube only allowed community posts to be shared by channel admins with more than 1,000 subscribers. However, the company announced that from October 12 of this year, it will reduce this requirement so that all channels with more than 500 subscribers can get this functionality.

Community posts are nothing more than posts that can be posted on YouTube as if it were any other social network. In this sense, YouTube channel administrators, in addition to sharing their new videos with the public, can switch and make other publications, with different types of content. For example, they can send a survey to their subscribers, share a photo with them, or maybe just a GIF.

This is not a widely used function yet. Many channels did not reach the desired subscriber number, and it is also true that many administrators did not even know about its existence. Also, not seeing many posts from the channels being followed makes users generally unaware of this type of post.

By lowering the minimum required to reach it, YouTube is trying to boost your business. The company also confirms that it will work to allow all channel owners to post in the future, without a minimum number of subscribers. At the moment, the date on which this grandmother can arrive is unknown.

What YouTube has indicated is that as of October 12, it will enable the functionality for those with more than 500 subscribers. Of course, he also warns that it can take up to a week since the channel reaches 500 subscribers for the function to be enabled automatically, so you have to be patient.

This is on top of some that YouTube has already implemented in recent months to give creators more tools. For example, the launch of advanced analytics for YouTube posts, as well as the possibility of programming content, or uploading several images in the same post. Now this reduction will be added to the minimum requirements for using community posts.

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