YouTube adds five new features for YouTubers


YouTube añade cinco nuevas funciones para los ‘youtubers’

YouTube adds five new features for YouTubers

YouTube is the world's leading video platform. With more than two billion users around the world, it is one of the best tools for content creators. In this sense, YouTube is constantly updated, introducing new features to its creators, which allow them to improve the performance of their videos and increase the reach of their content.

YouTube recently added five features for creators, which are as follows:

Evergreen Videos: YouTube provides content creators with access to valuable information for their evergreen videos, that is, for videos that have been popular for a long time. These videos will contain more detailed statistics, with chronological information, which will allow creators to improve monthly analysis and channel performance.

- Fashion Hashtags: Recently, Popular Hashtags were introduced in YouTube browsing tab. These hashtags allow users and content creators to easily find the content that works best at all times. YouTube puts in these hashtags the topics that are becoming popular more quickly.

Adsense Control: Creators who are eligible to insert ads into their videos will have the option to block different types of Adsense ads. They can be blocked by ad format or type, which indicates which one is not shown in the channel.

-Prohibit editing chapters: Recently, a feature was launched that allows you to create chapters automatically. Now, YouTube allows you to edit chapters in bulk to make this task easier for creators. In addition, this function can be activated or deactivated, depending on the preferences of each user.

Monetization icon: From now on, creators will be able to see an icon showing the degree of monetization of a video. The videos that display a yellow icon will be the ones that don't have great monetization privileges, while those with a green icon can be better monetized. In this sense, if a creator with a yellow icon thinks their video deserves a better score, they can order it from YouTube.

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