WhatsApp will allow you to convert voice notes to text


WhatsApp will allow you to convert voice notes to text

WhatsApp voice notes - those that can be up to 15 minutes long - can be converted into text, making it easier for them to understand, if the messaging platform implements a function that it is developing in its own application.

WhatsApp has not officially confirmed that the functionality will be launched, but WABetaInfo has published some screenshots, which were obtained after analyzing the beta version of the application, which shows a new option within the conversation that asks for special permission to send content to Apple.

This will be the company responsible for translating audio to text, so this functionality can only be available in the iOS version of WhatsApp or, at least, indicates that a trace of it has been found in the application under test for this operating system. This also means that the voice content will not be stored on the servers of WhatsApp (Facebook) but on Apple, which will use the texts, anonymised, to improve the voice recognition tool.

Which is that transcribing audio to text will not be done using tools that Facebook has in this sense, but device-specific tools, which in the case of filtered screenshots would be those of the iPhone, the app reports when the option is activated.

In addition, it will be possible to select only part of the voice memo to transcribe into text, in the event that only part of the voice information is required in the text. In any case, having the ability to convert audio to text can be very useful in circumstances where the playback of the recording is not accessible, such as a very noisy environment or the need or unwillingness of more privacy. Annoying others to access the content, if you don't have headphones, not to mention the supposed improvement for people with hearing difficulties to be able to access the content that comes to them through voice feedback.

Since it is a functionality in development that was leaked from WABeta Info, there is no official confirmation from WhatsApp on whether this functionality will end in the app or, if applicable, when an update for the app will arrive. WhatsApp introduces new options in managing voice notes, such as letting you listen to them before sending them.

The screenshots also include English transcription, so it is also unknown if this functionality will be available in other languages, although the fact is that Apple's voice recognition technology is able to work in different languages.

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