Watch the Uruguay and Ecuador match broadcast live

Watch the Uruguay and Ecuador match broadcast live
 today 10-9-2021 in the World Cup qualifiers 

Watch the Uruguay and Ecuador match, broadcast live in the Centenario stadium in the tenth round of the crazy American qualifiers for the World Cup, at exactly twelve thirty in the morning, Cairo time, via our website, gemy2.

The Uruguay national team is armed with the factors of the earth and the public in order to achieve the second successive victory during its qualifying campaign, after beating Bolivia in the last round by four goals to two. Drawn in the last three meetings against Paraguay and Venezuela, and Peru, with a goal for the same.

The Uruguay team is playing today’s meeting with its eye on the three points, especially since the victory will raise the team two places in the qualifiers table until the end of the round matches, where Uruguay is in third place with 12 points after winning 3 matches, drawing in 3 matches and losing in two matches, and the team scored 12 goals He conceded 10 goals.

The date and channel of the Uruguay-Ecuador match

You are watching the Uruguay-Ecuador match on beIN Sports HD 2 and beIN Sports Connec with the commentary of Nofal Bashi and our website, جيمي للمعلوميات. Half past ten in the evening GMT.

On the other hand, the guests in today’s meeting are looking to achieve a positive result and return to the winning streak after a goalless draw in the last match against Chile. The Ecuadorean team has been providing good results in the qualifiers so far, and is progressing in an excellent manner as it is in third place and has a golden opportunity to qualify for the finals, He will play today's meeting with two goals, the first win and the second draw, the important thing is that he will seek to avoid defeat in order to maintain his place in the qualifying table.

Ecuador is in third place in the qualifiers table with 13 points, after winning in 4 matches, drawing in one and losing in 3 matches. .

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