Watch the Paris Saint-Germain and Metz match broadcast live

Watch the Paris Saint-Germain and Metz match broadcast live today 22-09-2021 in the French League

Watching the Paris Saint-Germain and Metz match, live broadcast in the match that takes place at Saint Symphurian Stadium, in the meeting that takes place at nine o'clock in the evening, in the sixth round of the French League, via our website, gemy2.

Paris Saint-Germain will have a golden opportunity to continue its series of victories and add three points to its career in the French league table after the victory over Lyon in the last round. From the victory of Paris Saint-Germain last, but the match witnessed exciting events after the incident of replacing the flea Lionel Messi twenty minutes before the end of the match. The interpretations abounded about Messi’s replacement in the last meeting, especially after the anger of the Argentine flea, who refused to shake hands with his coach Mauricio Pochettino during his exit, and reports said that the reason The real thing that prompted Pochettino to switch Messi, is that the Argentine star seemed to feel pain in his left knee, as one of the shots revealed that the player put his hand on his knee, although the pain did not seem strong, which Pochettino explained in the press conference, the coach confirmed that his team He is coming to strong matches during the coming period, and he will need the efforts of all players, so he decided to replace Messi to avoid a possible injury.

Despite the technical director’s explanation for the reason for replacing Lionel Messi, the club’s management developed an alternative plan to control the French team’s path in the event that Argentine Mauricio Pochettino failed to control all these stars, and reports indicated that Paris Saint-Germain placed Zinedine Zidane at the top of the list of candidate coaches to contract with. To succeed Pochettino in the event of his dismissal.

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