Watch the Liverpool and Porto match broadcast live

Watch the Liverpool and Porto match broadcast live today 28-09-2021 in the Champions League

Watching the Liverpool and Porto match broadcast live in a strong and exciting meeting between Porto vs Liverpool in the Champions League in the meeting that takes place at the Dragao Stadium in the second round of the Champions League competitions, at exactly nine o’clock in the evening, the Egyptian capital, Cairo, via our gemy2 website.

In today's meeting, Liverpool is looking for the second consecutive victory in the European Championship in order to maintain the top of the team after the victory over AC Milan in the first round of the European Championship competitions. With three goals and was able to snatch the three points from the fangs of the giant Milan, who presented a tactical match at a very high level and was close to getting a positive result.

The Liverpool team is playing today's meeting, coming from an exciting draw against Brentford in the English Premier League with a three-to-one, and failed to take advantage of Manchester United's stumble against Aston Villa to move away to the top, but it is still at the top so far, with a point difference from second-placed Manchester City, which achieved an exciting and deserved victory over Chelsea with a goal Without a response in a meeting that was characterized by delicacy and excitement from the first minute until the referee whistled at the end of the match.

Liverpool will arm itself in today's meeting with the striking force of the trio of Mohamed Salah, Sadio Mane and Diego Jota, especially since the trio have become the main strength of the Reds in the front line and Firmino is outside the accounts of the technical staff led by German Juergen Klopp and has become one of the winning cards on the bench, and it is expected that Liverpool will fight Today's meeting is with a heavy force, and no modification will be made to the team's starting line-up, especially since the team has performed strongly during recent competitions, whether locally or in Europe.

Although Liverpool have players at the highest level, as we mentioned a while ago, from goalkeeper to outright striker, we see that the Egyptian international Mohamed Salah is receiving special attention from Liverpool fans, especially in light of the records achieved by the player with the Reds this season, Mohamed Salah has become the third fastest player in the history of the Reds, reaching 100 goals in the league, as he achieved this in 151 games, and only Roger Hunt 148 games, and Jack Parkinson 149, and Salah also became the tenth best scorer in the history of Liverpool in all competitions, with a score of 131 goals, surpassing Sam Raybould 130 goals, and Mohamed Salah scored 18 goals in the last 22 games for Liverpool away from home, in all competitions, and Salah is the fourth player to score 100 goals or more with Liverpool in the Premier League, "the modern name of the English Premier League", after Robbie Fowler 128, Steven Gerrard 120 and Michael Owen 118, and the Egyptian pharaoh will look to continue his records in today's meeting.

On the other hand, Porto is playing today’s meeting armed with the ground workers and the public in order to achieve the team’s first victory in the tournament, especially after stumbling in the first round of the European Championship against Atletico Madrid, the Spanish “title holder” of La Liga, the Porto team presented a heavy-caliber match in the first round. And he was able to impose a draw on the children of the Argentine coach, Simeone, and the team will look in today's meeting for his first victory in the Champions League and take advantage of his recent victory in the Portuguese league against Gil Vicente with two goals against a goal in order to continue his positive results and revive his hopes in order to compete for the crossing card for the next round of European Championship.

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