Watch the Liverpool and Norwich City match broadcast live

Watch the Liverpool and Norwich City match broadcast live today 09-21-2021 in the English League Cup

Watch the Liverpool and Norwich City match, broadcast live at Carrow Road Stadium, in the third round of the English Premier League, at exactly nine o’clock in the evening, Cairo time, via our gemy2 website.

Both Liverpool and Norwich City will look for victory in today's meeting and collecting the three points in order to qualify for the next round of the tournament. During the course of the match, the Norwich City team will arm itself with the victory and passage to the next round of the tournament, especially since it is also presenting high-caliber matches, whether in the English Premier League or in the Cup competition.

Dear followers of Yalla-Shot Today, by talking about Liverpool, we see that the Reds started the season by defeating Norwich City 3-0, in a meeting that was strong from both teams, whether on the technical or physical side, and in the second week the team beat Burnley with two goals without a response, before they tied with Chelsea in The third round with a goal for the same in a meeting of high caliber and witnessed the brilliance of the two teams, and in the fourth round, he beat Leeds United with three goals without a response, then beat Crystal Palace with three goals without a response, and at the level of the Champions League he defeated Milan with three goals against two goals in a match of heavy caliber that witnessed The players of both teams brilliance, but the fierceness and desire of Liverpool decided the meeting in the end.

Liverpool suffers before today’s meeting from some injuries, especially since the team will compete this season for all the titles and tournaments in which it will participate, and the club explained that Thiago Alcantara, the team’s player, needs to get some rest and will miss today’s meeting next to the next meeting in the Premier League, and it became Reports are that the technical staff of Liverpool, led by Jurgen Klopp, is awaiting the results of the examination to obtain the appropriate diagnosis of the injury, especially since the player has become one of the important elements on which the team relies.

Speaking of Norwich City, we find that the team lost in the first round with three goals without a penalty, before losing five from Manchester City in the second week. For a goal, then he lost from Arsenal with a goal without a response, and in his last state he lost from Watford with three goals against a goal, and he will urge the team in today’s meeting about turning the table on Liverpool and exiting the meeting with a pass card to the next round of the championship and continuing his adventure in order to please the fans, and we will offer you Watch the Liverpool match today via our website.

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