Watch the Juventus and Spezia match broadcast live

Watch the Juventus and Spezia match broadcast live today 22-09-2021 in the Italian League

Watching the Juventus-Spezia match, live broadcast of the match that takes place at the Alberto Pico Stadium in the fifth round of the Italian League, at exactly six thirty in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, through our website, gemy2.

Juventus failed to win the last meeting against Milan in the calcio summit, Juventus is looking in today’s meeting for victory and harvesting the three points in order to move forward in the Calcio ranking table, especially since the team is currently in an unenviable position in the league table, the Juve team is fully aware that Winning will push the team two places in the championship standings, while defeat will worsen its position in the league table and may cause its ranking to drop more and more.

Juve started the season with a two-to-one tie with Udinese, then lost to Empoli 1-0, then lost to Napoli with two goals to one, before they tied with Milan in the last round with a goal for the same.

On the other hand, the Spezia team is looking to achieve a positive result in today's meeting and take advantage of Juve's stumbles in order to achieve victory and collect the three points. He fell into a resounding scandal against Lazio by six goals to one, and he hopes in today's meeting to move forward in the championship standings.

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