Watch the Juventus and Sampdoria match, broadcast live

Watch the Juventus and Sampdoria match, broadcast live
 today, 26-09-2021 in the Italian League

Watching the Juventus and Sampdoria match, broadcast live in the match that takes place at Allianz Stadium in the sixth round of the Italian League, at exactly twelve thirty in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, through our website, gemy2.

Juventus will play today's meeting looking for the second victory in a row after beating Spezia with three goals to two, and the team will play today's meeting with all its strength in order to get out of the meeting the three points for the second meeting in a row to get closer to the top, especially after Milan's victory in yesterday's meeting.

Juventus is coming to a heavy-caliber confrontation against Chelsea in the second round of the group stage competitions of the Champions League and will look in today's meeting to come up with an injury-free list, especially since the Blues will play the next match with all their might to compensate for the last defeat they suffered in the Premier League against Manchester City in the English Premier League .

Juve is in the twelfth place before today's meeting with 5 points, after winning a meeting, drawing in two matches, and losing in two matches. The team scored 7 goals and conceded 8 goals.

On the other hand, Sampdoria enters today’s meeting, coming from a severe defeat against Napoli, with a four-pointers, without a response. Calcio.

Sampdoria is ranked thirteenth with 5 points, after winning one match, drawing two matches, losing two matches, winning 5 matches and conceding 7 goals.

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