Watch the Colombia-Chile match broadcast live

Watch the Colombia-Chile match broadcast live
 today 10-9-2021 in the World Cup qualifiers

Watch the Colombia-Chile match broadcast live at the Metropolitano Roberto Melendez Stadium at exactly one o’clock in the morning Cairo time, as part of the tenth round of the crazy American qualifiers qualifying for the World Cup, via our gemy2 website.

The Colombian national team, the owner of the land and the public, is still looking for victory and the three points in today’s meeting, in light of the negative results achieved by the team recently, which resulted in the decline of Colombia’s ranking in the qualifiers table. Then he tied with Bolivia with a goal like him, and in the last round he tied with Paraguay with a goal like him.

Colombia is in fifth place in the qualifiers table with 10 points after winning two matches, drawing in 4 matches and losing in two matches. The Colombian team scored 13 goals and conceded 15 goals.

The date and channel for the Colombia-Chile match

The Colombia-Chile match will be held at exactly one o’clock in the morning Cairo time, eleven o’clock in the evening GMT, two o’clock in the morning in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and you will follow the Colombia-Chile match through our website جيمي للمعلوميات and beIN Sports Connect with the comment of the Egyptian Ahmed Fouad.

On the other hand, the Chilean team raises in today’s meeting the slogan “There is no alternative to victory” and won the three points in order to return again to compete for the passage ticket to the finals. Nothing will restore his hopes of competing for the pass to the finals except winning today's meeting in order to move forward in the table.

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